Pinebelt lease in Union Parish

Pinebelt Energy contacted us last summer on leasing our mineral rights. We negoitated through an attorney with them and signed a contract. Immediately after signing we noticed an error in the lease. We did not act on the drafts. The landman was to correct it. When the contract was returned, we found another error that was correct on the previous lease. The third corrected contract was approved by us and our attorney. We signed them and the landman was to go by the attorney's office sign, pick up the contract, and leave our drafts. After a couple of weeks, I finally contacted the landman and he was no longer with Pinebelt Energy. So last Oct. we started anew with another Pinebelt landman. He would not accept the contract at the attorney's office we had signed. He finally picked up the contract and was going to see if his client would approve it. We are still waiting. There last offer was $300 per acre and one fifth royalty.

Is anyone else have issues with Pinebelt? We are interested in leasing. Does anyone have any suggestions on finalizing a deal or should we forget it. Our family has about 250 acres to lease. Would love to hear from a Pinebelt person!!