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Any activity out there in Pike County?

Don't know of any new activity but Roundtree has production on a well in the Summit Field (Moak Heirs 23-5). Production started in June. Have you checked the MSOGB site for permit activity?

I just checked and it looks like Par Minerals Corp was issued a permit for a 40 acre unit in Sec 23 4N 7E to drill the Adams 23-7 No. 1. Same section and not too far from the Roundtree well.

I'm new to the group as of today. I'm glad that there is a Pike County group because I have almost 3 net mineral acres I think are in the TMS boundaries but I'm not exactly sure. Has anyone got a good map that shows where the TMS is exactly in Pike County? If I am in the play I'm right on the edge of it I think.

Not sure anyone knows where the TMS is exactly, but there are some good resources at http://www.tuscaloosatrend.blogspot.com/. Seems like most of the Southern half of Pike County would be considered "in the play." See map below:

Hey thanks mr. tracker 4 or miss tracker 4, If I can give you the description of where my land is can you mark it on this map and send it to my personal email address? Or maybe just point out the section, I think that would tell me if I'm in or out. I'm in the E 1/2 of the SE 1/4 of sec. 34, township 4 North, Range 9 east.

4 North 9 East is in the very northeast corner of Pike County so I don't believe you would be considered "in the play" for the Tuscaloosa Marine Shale, at least not according to the maps as of now. Thing can change though.

I just got back from the county court house to see for myself, It don't look good. But like you say, things change. So I have hope someone will want to buy them. Who is KEW drilling, Houston, TX. leasing for? anybody know? Their selling their leases right?

Don't know KEW. I do know that Encana and Goodrich are leasing from time to time in some areas of Pike County. Not much competition though at this point, so prices are staying low.

I just farmed out a lease I had in 4N,7E, S11 that was being held by old production. Stroud Exploration is going to drill a lower Tuscaloosa well on the property. They will go through the Tuscaloosa Marine Shale to reach the lower Tuscaloosa. I can't tell from the old logs if the shale in that area is what they are looking for in the areas where it is productive. There are a number of TMS wells being drilled in parts of Pike County south of this area (Beaver Creek).

I have acreage under the well Stroud drilled near Beaver Creek. A friend said the rig is moving out. Does anyone know if casing was run or is it dry?

I am told that they ran casing on the Beaver Creek well and plan to test it in the next couple of weeks.

Thanx for the info. I will check for test results in a few days. I noticed on the OGB website there is no posting other than spud date.

Although the testing may be done in near term, I would not expect to see test results posted for some time

I am sure of that, but I live within 1 miles thru the woods. Being a drilling engineer and active in the oil & gas industry, I am sure I can find out some info when I visit the site.

Rock Man, are you a geologist? I have habit of calling some geologist I know rock doctors.

Or as a friend of mine calls herself - "rock whisperers"

Yep - been doing the geo thing for almost 38 years