Phillips County oil?

Fidelity Exploration and Production Company has advertise in the local news paper's Public Notice section of an Application for Permit to drill 2 Oil and Gas wells in Phillips County, Montana. T32N, R32E, Sec. 1. Total depth to be drilled: 3126 TVD and T32N, R33E, Sec. 18, Total depth to be drilled: 3048 TVD. Can anyone tell me what they may be drilling for? Oil or Gas? We have shallow gas in Phillips County and a gas well can be drilled in three days to full depth, drill on and off the drill site in three days that is! What formation is lying at this proposed drill depth?


From the looks of the well pads and the size of the pits, these look to be oil wells. -No idea on what formation is being targeted. I do know that in the 1920's hot water was struck at 3200 feet by a wildcatter and is still flowing at the Sleeping Buffalo Resort, approx. 5 miles South of 32N 32E.

Hot water from the Sleeping Buff. was used for frack jobs in new gas wells and to stimulate existing wells in the last flurry of activity in the Bowdoin field.


Are you an ice fisherman? My family has a cabin on Nelson Reservoir. I took a Sunday drive last weekend and spotted a cleared off area that looks like a big drill pad north and east of Nelson Reservoir. Did you ever hear about a well in the early 50's that was drilled and ran Hot water into Beaver Creek and ended up in the drowning of some cattle downstream? They almost lost the drill rig because they had trouble shutting off the water flow. This was in the winter I believe. I was not born at this time.