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Phillips County is known for its shallow natural gas in the northern half of the county. Gas has been producing around Saco for the last 90 years and around Whitewater for the last thirty five years. We have no producing oil wells, as their is a problem with drilling through a zone of hot water. When they perfect driilng through this zone then we will see. We also hae no pipeline to export the oil if we did drill into a oil reserve. The Keystone XL pipeline is in the works, but only loading facility in eastern-southeastern Montana. The pipeline will mirror the Northern Border pipeline for the most part.

Capstar(?) drilling out of Wyo. is drilling northeast of Nelson Reservoir in Phillips County.

Fidelity is scheduled to drill a few gas wells just over the Phillips/Valley Counties line in Northern/Central Valley County in 2013. Their also are a few permits from earlier for wells around the Saco area, but they may allow those to expire, don't know for sure.

Fidelity is scheduled to drill a few gas wells around the Saco area, they are repermits. T31N, R34E area.

Fidelity has been approved with State of Montana to drill some shallow wells (Gas) around the Saco area, again. Hope they drill them this time. Keeps showing up in Oil and Gas report.

Again a few replacement wells are scheduled for Bowdoin Dome around Saco, MT. No new activity. Happy New Year!

Same wells around Saco area to be drilled, but may take a swing in gas prices for this to happen.

Wells to be drilled by Fidelity in Saco, MT area have expired again per Montana Board of Oil and Gas.

We have a new player in Phillips County, Scout Energy Group II, L.P. who acquired mineral interest from Fidelity Exploration & Production Company.