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Ominex and Black Raven are actively lease. Has anyone hear what formation they are targeting?

Phillips County CO Oil & Gas Leasing

This leasing appears to be aimed at development and production of shallow gas wells (1,500-3,000 feet) that are being referred to by landman as stripper wells.

Oil and Gas Leasing in Northeastern Colorado

by Jenna H. Keller, Esq.

Thursday, January 10, 2013 at 7 p.m.

Phillips County Events Center, Holyoke, Biesmeier Room

No cost. No RSVP needed.

Hi Jenna,

Do you by any chance have notes or info from that meeting in Holyoke on Jan 10, 2013?

I'm also wondering what kind of terms have people in this area accepted for their mineral rights?

Please see attached handout. OG%20Handout.pdf Most of the terms in this area have been fairly poor and generally less than $100/acre and 15% or less on royalties. Many have opted not to lease at all in this area because of that. Let me know if you have other specific questions.

I have just inherited mineral rights in the area of Haxtun (still in probate, and has been since January 2014). I do not live in Colorado, and wondered if there is a means of finding out the exact location of the property. I do have the legal description. Would the Phillips County property assessment office provide this information?

You might try and pull up on the COGCC map - I also have some blog postings on how to use the COGCC site.

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