Pharaoh 10-15-34-39 well

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Any activity updates on the Pharaoh 10-15-34-39 well?

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Projim, at this time I see no completion report…the API # is 227-41972 …apparently the fracking etc. is still in process

I saw that it was shown as spudded and later with a rig on it on Mineral I Q some time back. When I moved, I contacted the land man that did our lease to see who I should give my change of address to, and he assured me that Bayswater would contact us with division orders as it was completed- but that it would likely be late summer or early fall.

We were in Howard County recently and found the area but the lease road is on private land and gated. Not much information, but it is all that I know.

Thank you, Clint. I appreciate your input.

Thank you for the information!!

Judy- it is important to file a change of address with the County Clerk’s office. That way folks know how to find you.

Good reminder. I’ve caught all the operators and tax offices already. I need to start on the County Clerks. I’m thinking that is an affidavit rather than a letter. I’m in the process of updating the will so I will check with my attorney on that.

Moving is a hassle!

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