Davison 41 #1 Martin County , Texas

Monday my wife received a DO from Endeavor which was actually dated 2011. It showed her RI as .00585938

Today she got a letter from PetroLegacy saying they are now the operator. Our concern is that several items on the new DO are different. Including her RI. Now it shows .00390625

The API are the same as well as the legal description. But the property number and owner codes are different.

Any ideas will help

Contact the operator about the net mineral acres your wife owns and how the DOI was calculated. Ask why the number is different. Do you have the lease she signed which will state gross acreage and royalty rate? Do you have deed into your wife’s name? The property number and owner number are internal company’s records and will be different for every oil company. The API number is unique and will never change - 42 means Texas - then three digit county code and then 5 digit wellbore in the county.

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Yes, if they increased the unit size, it will lower your decimal interest within the unit. Also, could just be an error.