Petro Hunt Making Offers To Buy Mineral Rights

Has anyone else received an offer to buy your mineral rights on property where they have already drilled and have producing wells? Wondering if this is legit and why they would want to buy up rights if the production is slowing.

Sure, we have received numerous offers to purchase our rights ever since production commenced. Problem is for mineral owners, is that you will be offered a fraction of the lifetime value of your production, so unless you are in need of immediate cash…I’d advise against it, because you will take a substantial loss to “cash-out” now.

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Also, if you have several offers, sometimes the potential buyers know that there may be increased drilling and they want to buy up your first wells (and mineral rights) so they will get all the value of the future wells. Another reason to hang on unless you have a huge reason to sell. Or maybe just sell part and keep part.

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Thanks for your input. My sister, brother & I have decided to not sell as there are too many variables that could change things. I’m sure they want to buy up these rights while the oil & gas prices are low so that when they rise again, Petro Hunt will be the one who wins. Corporate slogan: Buy low - sell high!