Personal Loan Against Market Value for Mineral Rights (Permian Basin Property)

The land for which I have mineral rights is in Howard County, Texas. There is currently a low-producing well on the land but two years ago a new lease was granted to a new company for the purpose of horizontal drilling. That well has not yet been started, as the leaseholder for the existing well has tied the new company up in court.

That being said, because of where the land is (Permian Basin) I receive a new offer to buy or lease my mineral rights at least every other month. These have ranged from a low of $19,000+ to over $100,000. This being the case, would I be able to use my mineral rights as collateral for a personal loan?

The only thread I found on this topic was from 2010, last posting in 2014. That thread was closed out a year ago.

Ask your banker & they will determine the value of the assets.