Perry CT AR & Sheridan CT MT

I own M & O rights in both states. If anyone knows of anything there that might be of interest please let me know.. Jack Tucker

Hi, Jack. You might want to go to the groups section of this site and join the two differnt county/state groups and pose your questions there for answers. Those people would probably be of more help to you. Linton

Thanks for reply. I have already done that, but thought perhaps someone would see my post on this site and respond that didn't go to the other sites. It is evident you did so it worked. I was unaware of this site, Mineral Rights Forum, but leased our 320 acres for 3 years with a 2 year option which, the lessor did not renew. I am trying to expose our rights to every one and hope something happens. Again, Thanks for your response. Jack Tucker Phen # 865-357-1398