Perpetual subsurface right-of-way

Could someone tell me the meaning and implications of the following clause in a lease? The lease is for a small net acreage. The word “perpetual” seems to indicate a pipeline easement without expiration. (I added the asterisks.) Would you strike out this paragraph from the lease? Thank you for your help.

"For the same consideration stated above and irrespective of the term of this Lease, Lessor also grants, sells, conveys and warrants to Lessee, to the extent Lessor has the right to do so, * a perpetual subsurface right-of-way,* right to use easement in, through and under all of the leased premises for the purpose of drilling oil and/or gas wells, to, and producing through such well oil, gas or other minerals from, the leased premises, lands other than the leased premises, or lands pooled or unitized with any of the foregoing, together with the right to obtain and use information from said operations and the right of ingress and egress to such wells.