Perpetual Production


I have .625 acre Section 7, Township 15 North, Range 12 West and this company wants to buy my rights. This is leased to Devon and pays $50-$80. a year and has for the last 60+ years. I know there is a lot of activity in this area. Anyone have any advice on this?


I wouldn’t rely on the past history of your mineral rights have produced to make a decision on selling.

“This Company” is this the operator of the well or just someone that cold called you wanting to buy it?

Devon just completed a new well in that section in the month of February 2018 alone produced more oil than the Ingram well has produced it’s entire life (7 years)

It sounds like “This Company” likely didn’t reveal that to you. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the info Rick, and no, the company that contacted me are just speculators buying up any rights they can find. It was their first offer.