There have been several permits granted on some property of mine in Atscosa Co. Does that mean they will drill for sure?


There is a good possibility that wells will be drilled but it's not a guaranteed thing. How many permits have been approved for your property? Good luck Wally and I hope you get some good producers.

Clint Liles

I'd say if the permits have been approved and issued by the RRC, in all probability they should commence operations very soon--days, weeks at most (my experience).

Thanks , I’m hoping for the nest


As it has been previously stated, the possibility is there but it not a done deal in regards to permit applications. Operators will get drilling permits, which are inexpensive as oppossed to other oil field related activities, so that phase of the process is complete if and when they elect to drill. There are two factors to watch closely, the production of the other new wells in the area and the lease expiration dates. If the operator has only one or two dedicated rigs, they could use these to drill other leases which are nearing expiration dates. This factor could cause your lease to postponed in regards to drilling. On the other hand, if nearby wells have poor production, the operator may make an evaluation as to whether it is currently feasible to participate in further developement. Hope you have good luck in 2013.