Permit updates from Clint Liles

I'm a member of the Ector County, Texas and the Pecos County, Texas groups and I used to receive emailed updates via Mineral Rights Forum concerning recent drilling permits kindly provided by Clint Liles. It seems that those updates would appear in my email inbox every couple of months, if not more often.

It's been around 6 months or so since I last received one of those updates. Thanks for providing that helpful information in the past, Clint. Are you still emailing that type of information to Mineral Rights members in those two counties?

Hello jdub,

The reason I quit doing so much posting of Permits and Completions was because of the pain I have in my left hand from carpal tunnel syndrome. My intention was to have surgery on my hand in January but I had to put my wife in the hospital on January 3rd. She has been home (8)eight days this year. The rest of the year she has been in the hospital and rehab. I visited her today in the hospital. Her problem was UTI(Urinary Tract Infection). The hospital gives her very strong antibiotics to kill the infection. The antibiotics destroys her immune system and then she comes down with a contagious infection in her stomach and intestines called C-Diff. Then the hospital gives her antibiotics for the C-Diff and the the UTI returns. It is a cycle that so far is continuing. This is not an unusual thing I am told. She has now gotten so weak that she cannot stand by herself. Before I can visit her in her hospital room I have to put on a special protective garment and nitrile latex gloves to protect myself from the contagious C-Diff bacteria. I have been hoping I could get her back home before I have my hand surgery but have now decided I have to have my hand surgery ASAP. I have an appointment/consultation with a surgeon on the 27th of June. I'm tired of this 24 hour a day pain in my hand. I had surgery on my right hand in 2013 or 2014 and it has done great. Hopefully I will be back some day with my every day posting.

This link is for approved permits for Pecos County from January 01, 2017 through June 07, 2017(189 approved permits-19 pages):

This link is for approved permits for Ector County from January 01, 2017 through June 07, 2017(96 approved permits-10 pages):

Soon I will post Completion Reports for Pecos County and Ector County.

Thanks for your concern.

Clint Liles


Thanks for your reply to my question. It certainly sounds like your attention needs to be focused on health concerns at this time. I totally understand. Best wishes for yours, and your wife’s, full and speedy recovery.

Thank you for all of the helpful information you’ve posted in the past and, again, for taking the time to respond to my question and for the information that you posted today.


Hi Clint: So many people are so very grateful for your unselfish efforts to help and educate all of us. We are praying for your wife's recovery and that you can take the time to have the medical procedures necessary to fix your hand.