Permit to Drill - 8-17N-8W

Newfield was granted a permit to drill 6-18-15 in this section.

How can I find out if it is a 640 0r 1280 spacing? Is that on the permit application? How can I find this application?

On page 4 of "Basic Information for the Oklahoma Royalty Owner" it states that "the well can not be closer to the unit boundaries than 1320ft on square units. The permit states that the South section line is 875 feet from the well and the East is 220 feet 220 feet away. Can I assume from this that the unit boundaries are not on the section line? I would like to find the exact location of the unit to see if all of my acreage is included.

Thanks for your help

Cause 201501595 filed by Newfield shows this to be a multiunit well (1280) with sections 5 & 8, as almost all of them are in Kingfisher. If you are in section 5 or 8, you are included. Unit boundary is on your section line.

You should take a look at the Multiunit Cause 201501595, and keep in mind that what you are reading on Page 4 will be changed via this cause, as they all are for horizontal wells......

Also of interest are these causes:

Pooling: 201501598

Spacing: 201501594

Location Exception: 201501596

There are no 1280 acre units in OK to date. Each 640 is considered its own unit (hence the name multi-unit well). Your royalties will be based upon the number of acres you own out of 640 x your royalty x the percentage of the well that is perfed on your section. The location exception changes where the well can be drilled and how close it can come to the section line without draining the section next door.


Good correction. I was trying to say to there are two units involved with this well, totaling 1280 acres.

It seems that a lot of the current Newfield wells in Kingfisher are 2 units, each 640 acres, and that the percentage of the perfs is at or near 50%. I guess this is because the target Meramac is relatively shallow, and does not put a technical limitation on the lateral length when you are trying to drill two sections at that depth.

However, as soon as I say this, I just ran into a Newfield Stack well just across the county line in Canadian County where it went into three sections, each a 640 acre unit. (Cause 201500078) Section 9-14N-7W gets 42%, section 16 gets 42%, and section 21 gets 16%. This example emphasizes the importance of your point.