Permit issued on June 10, 2019

Grady County BLACK MESA 0505 3-10 #1WH, June 10 2019 04 5N 5W NENENENE API: 05124655 Lat: 34.94159482381879, Long: -97.72422591584598 CAMINO NATURAL RESOURCES LLC HH, DR, 22955 ft, MISSISSIPPIAN(12010), SYCAMORE(12036), WOODFORD(12189), HUNTON(12397)

This permit is unclear to me. Does this include my Section 10-5N5W? It is actually listed under Section 4. None of the paperwork I have received has Section 4 as part of the proposed drilling. The paperwork I have shows only sections 3 and 10. Thanks for your help.

according to the well plat attached, the surface location is in section 4 but all the lateral is in section 3 and 10. Since the lateral starts in northern part of action 3 and will be drilled into section 10, it will include you if they get the well drilled as planned, with 50% in section 10. It is possible however they will not get all the lateral drilled, sometime that happens. good luck.

Thank you Jake! I appreciate your response.

If I drove by these sections to see if there is any activity as far as getting ready to drill, where would I look, Section 3,4 or 10? Are the plans to drill two or three wells?

The NE/corner of section 4.