Permit info help please, Sect139, Blk13

Our lease is being pooled to drill the Otter 139-138 Unit E well. I’ve searched TRRC for name and section/blk, and see a well on the GIS viewer, but can’t find details on the permit for this well. Can someone point me in the right direction, or offer the info? Thanks. I’ve learned a lot on this site, but certainly not enough.

RRC website. Data - Online Research Queries on right side of page. Drilling Permit Query (Launch Application). On permit page, Select Reeves County at top right and Enter Otter in the Lease name. Then Submit at bottom of permit page. On summary page, Select the Lease Name of Otter 139-138 and then the detail page appears. Then you can download the Plat, Approved Permit, P-12, P-16 etc. for your files.

Thanks TennisDaze. Simple process once pointed in the right direction. You and the rest of the forum are to be thanked for the information and insight you provide. There is power to be gained from sharing.

Which brings up a new question about the permit. Total depth is listed as 16000 ft, completion depth as 11002 ft. Does that mean the Operators can only extract from any depth within those parameters, or only within the PHANTOM (WOLFCAMP) field? The shallow top of the Wolfcamp formation is listed as 10000 and the deep top of the Mississippian formation as 16000 in the SWR #13 report for Reeves County. I realize the strata boundaries are fluid over distances as large as a county in west Texas. Which leads to another question. Will we be able to release the rest of the formations, say above the 11000 ft depth, when the current lease expires, if they do not pull another permit? Again, learning, but still much to learn.

For horizontal wells, completion depth is the deepest vertical depth for well drilled under the permit. Total depth includes horizontal leg. Difference is the anticipated horizontal wellbore which is a mile for your well. Later release of any depths depends on the terms of your oil and gas lease.

Thanks again. Does the permit stipulate the depth of the well for the entire horizontal run, such as 11002 ft, or is the depth dependent on other factors, and are there limits to the depth, such as 100ft vertical from the completion depth. Is there a web site that has more detailed info than what’s available on the MineralWise site, so I may be able to answer my own questions.

Permit only sets deepest depth to be drilled. The target is shallower and gives the operator some room in case the target is deeper in the area than elsewhere. A lot of operators are targeting the Wolfcamp A (upper wolfcamp) or Wolfcamp B (mid Wolfcamp) which could be 300-400 feet shallower than permit. The underground formation is not a straight line, but “waves” up and down. However the Wolfcamp is thick and so operators are not as concerned about drilling out of the formation. NARO (National Association of Royalty Owners) offers good information and you could look into attending one of the state conventions or the national convention. John McFarland’s Oil and Gas Lawyer Blog is a good source of information on various topics. It is constantly updated for new issues. Royalty Owner Institute in Fort Worth offers some intensive programs. Programs – Royalty Owners Institute