Permit Approved to Drill-12/05/2012

Getting close. This is adjacent to the Muldoon A-74.

This is the one I posted a few days ago. They filed the initial permit last Thursday and I went by the pad on Sunday after church. The pad was perfectly complete except for the limestone overlay. On Sunday, I posted that I would bet they would start moving limestone in on Monday and Monday morning at 7:15, the first full Limestone trucks started coming by my house going to that way and I asume the pad I saw. A string of loaded trucks, total of 43 streamed by my house within the first hour and 15 minutes, by then, the empties were coming back by headed for San Marcos for new loads. That went on until after dark Monday night. Yesterday at noon, my wife ate luch at Roberts in Flatonia and when she was leaving a drilling rig and about 10-15 loaded 18 wheelers passed Roberts going North to again I assume this new pad. My theory is that there was some very poor planning. Never seen this kind of hurry up before. I've never seen over 17 loaded trucks come by my house going to a site before. Most of the time it is just 10 or twelve trucks and they will usually takes two or three day to complete the hauling. For some reason this was a very "hot" job.
This is the well that is on the West side of Old Smithville Road 8/10ths of a mile North of FM 2237. Seth says that he talked to Argent a couple of weels ago and they said they were moving another Rig to Muldoon area and that they had 4 wells on the drawing board. I guess this is the first one of the four.

Thanks for the heads up. Sometimes I'm aware and sometimes I'm totally in the dark. I was aware of this one because a guy in my Sunday School class clued me in about the pad progress on Sunday morning.

I have an update on the newly posted Argent Well. The old story about assume comes true once again. Since my wife had seen a rig and all the fixutres moving North down Hwy 95 past Roberts on Tuesday, I assumed that this rig was going to the new Argent site located on Old Smithville Road. Well I went over there this morning and the rig isn't there, so it went somewhere else and there is only one rig still standing and that is the Hopper well on Tommy Ray's place. The Pressler rig is gone and everything is in place to start production. It was flaring last night!

Back to the new Argent Well (Lillie Mae Unit 1H). The pad was completed as reported on Monday or possibly early Tuesday. At 10:00 am, this morning, they were drilling a pilot hole for the upper surface casing; but, no big drilling rig in sight.