Permit Approved to Drill-10/24/2012

Clint Do you keep track of all the info you post ?


No way my pea brain can remember all this info. I've had Forum members tell me they don't know how to navigate the OCC and Texas RRC website and would like to know what's going on. I do it for them and I like to know what's going on also, especially in counties where relatives and I have interests. I post for 18 different counties in Texas and Oklahoma. I have a sister that lives at Edmond and a niece that lives at Guthrie. Kaye(Logan County member) is a friend on the Forum and we email back and forth every day or so on something. I have interests in Wilbarger County and Wise County Texas. I hope my posting is useful to you and other Forum Members.

Clint Liles

Clint, you have a record whether you realize it or not. On your home page is a record of everything you post.

I know it is and I thank you for your work.


r w That will be a home page and a half.

I know what you mean, Just keep clicking "more".

Ron McKenzie said:

r w That will be a home page and a half.