Permit Approved to Drill 05/20/2013

Thanks a bunch, Clint! The Cholla permit is in the section due south of our 1/2 section of unleased mineral rights. I'll be paying close attention to this one for sure.

Just curious- do you have something similar to Google Alerts set up on the RRC site for new permits? Or are you just a super nice guy who does frequent searches and posts them for us?


Sorry that I haven't been posting the last couple of day, but my 'puter had the hiccups. It's feeling better now. Something about the battery pack went out the computer guy said.

I try to post permits every day for certain counties. If someone wants me to post for their Texas or Oklahoma county just let me know. I know some people don't have the time or don't know how to pull up this info. Just trying to help others. Paige, I love that million dollar smile on your profile. Have a good day. Now we need to find you a permit for a fantastic producer.

Gary Turner was going to start helping me do some posting but he has taken on a new job and doesn't have time now. Thanks to Gary for the contributions to MRF he does make.

Clint Liles

Looking at Cholla's website (, it looks as if they're only doing vertical wells (new permit is vertical to 11,999ft.). RRC shows they don't have any other new permits in last 17 months for Terry, Lynn, Yoakum, Dawson, or Borden counties, so it appears they're exploring a new area up north.

Cholla drilled on our farm 3 miles south of Tahoka in 2008, and sadly got a dry hole and plugged it. Callon now has the mineral lease on that farm and (supposedly) has plans to drill there within the next few months, depending on their results in Borden co.

I'm thinking of calling Cholla to discuss leasing our 1/2 section north of their new Terry co. permit, but am not as enthusiastic about a vertical well as I would be a horizontal one. Gee, am I getting greedy? Any thoughts as to why they wouldn't be going horizontal? There are several horizontals in the northwest area of Terry co. According to their website, they have their own rigs, so maybe they're just not equipped to do a horizontal well yet...

I really do appreciate your looking up and posting the permits for us! I follow your links on everything in Lynn, Terry, Yoakum, and Borden counties, and am watching for completion and production reports on anything close to our tracts.

Will you be attending the NARO-Tx convention in Austin in July? I'll be there and would love to buy you a 'thank you' beverage!


I'm not a member of the NARO Group. I won't be at the convention, so drink a long neck Bud for me. Since I see the County names of Yoakum and Borden I will start posting those for you. The name of Yoakum reminds me of the CW singer Dwight Yoakum. I love to hear him play that guitar and sing. His songs always have a story to tell. He reminds me a lot of my cousin in Fabens, Texas.

H wells cost a big ole bunch more than the v wells.

Clint Liles

When I first started managing our mineral interests in 2011 I knew zero, zip, nada about all of this. I was very lucky that there was a NARO convention that next month, which I attended- and I learned SO much there. Still great for new info and networking with other mineral monthly newsletter.

Have you seen this page that runs (I think) every Sunday in the Midland paper? Scroll down to the lists of Completions, Development Wells, Wildcats, etc. - click on the week you want, and activity is listed by county:

Yes Paige I've seen this. Very informative. It's in my bookmarks/favorites and also the Odessa American newspaper oil/gas reports(Permian Basin News). I enjoy reading Ray Perryman's business news also. I was a friend of Ray's father, Junior Perryman. He passed away this past week in Lindale, Texas. A wonderful person to be around. Charles Mallory was 1 of the pall bearers.

Clint Liles

Small world! I knew Ray when I lived in Waco. I was involved with getting speakers for the Leadership Waco classes, and we always had him once a year. He's one of the few people who can make economics interesting and understandable - and wasn't at all impressed with his success! He was actually fun to listen to, and I never missed a chance to hear him speak.

He had an article in the Midland paper recently -