Permit Approved to Drill-01/22/2016

Hello Clint, it has been some time since we communicated but I thought I would ask you a question, or two? My sister own all of the mineral on 280 acres on Abstract A-746, Block G, Sec. 168 on the WT RR CO survey. We lease the minerals 5 years ago to Comstock Oil and Gas for $400.00 an acre with 25% of the royalty for three years with the option of leasing for another 2 years at the same price. Comstock sold our mineral lease to Rosetta Resources and they sold them again to another company, but the two year option was taken. The lease expires on April 1 of this year. It looks like they are drilling our direction. Do you think we might have some drilling activity, or do you think our chances of leasing are good again? I know you don't have a crystal ball, especially in today's market, but I wouldn't have a shadow of any idea about this. We have corresponded before on this same property. My sister and I sold the land a couple of years ago, but kept all of the minerals. Thanks, Mike

Hey Mike,

The last activity I can find in your minerals area is to the South about 3 miles in A-1235. Well API 175-37087 was drilled in 2010/oil well/Directional well/San Andres formation/still producing as far as I can tell. There are several other older wells to SW and to the South that were drilled in 2008. I don't see any new activity in the immediate area of your A-746. This link is to the Production Data for well 37087 in A-1235:|2=12|3=2014|4=11|5=2015|103=69550|6=O|102=8A|8=specificLease|204=district|9=dispDetails|10=0

I don't see any activity in the near future for your area. There is production in the area but the wells are not great wells. I wouldn't expect any new leases in this area for sometime.

This is just my opinion.

GIS Map of Gaines County A-746 and surrounding area:

Well 37087 is at the bottom center of this Map

Clint Liles

Thanks for the info!