Permit Approved 6/04/2012 Triple "S' Gas, inc. Cornelius Well # 119

Operator # 870452 Status # 740018 Total Depth 1,999

API # 487-32880 2.0 Miles SE of Harrold

Section 25 Block 13 Survey--H & TC RR CO Abstract # 350

Wilbarger County Regular (Primary) Field


Things are looking like Wilbarger is going to be rolling in the money soon!!!


This Cornelius well is a very shallow drill in an existing field I think. What we're looking forward to is wells that are being drilled by Anschutz and others in the 7.500' to 9000' depth. Mississippian and Atoka formations. It takes patience, but it is coming if we can keep the price of oil up where it is profitable to drill and produce. E & P(Exploration and Production) costs lot of moola.

Clint Liles