Permian News of General Interest


Williams Co. and Brazos Midstream doing a JV.



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New Fed reserve estimate of the Permian - largest reserve ever assessed by them. 46.3 billion barrels, 281 TCF gas, and 20 billion barrels condensate.



Here is the actual USGS report. Is a reserve study of the Delaware Basin, basically.



World Oil article on Permian activity with good, high level, overview.



Here’s a link to a very good technical article in the current issue of SPE’s JPT magazine on how engineers are turning the tide on frac hits by child wells on parent wells Fighting Water with Water


Midland article about injection well earthquake study being conducted.



New PB Oil and Gas Magazine has summaries on capital expenditure budgets of Chevron and ConocoPhilips. Chevron is the one alot of people are watching to see if they ever get their act together in the Permian, given they have the most acreage.



3Bear expanding their gathering system in Lea County.



NGL Energy Partners selling their South Pecos Water assest to Waterbridge Resources for $238 million. Mostly SWD assets.



Rustler Breaks crude line in Eddy Co. now in service.



Forbes article saying Permian may surpass Saudi field.



WaterBridge secures $800 million financing to develop water infrastructure it just bought.



Construction on Gray Wolf connector oil line between Big Spring and Midland starts. BLM quarterly sale results on 86,814 acres. Natural gas coalition exceeds methane emission goal.

PB newsletter


Bloomberg says Exxon most active driller in Permian. Quite a change.


Does this mean owners in Reeves county will get payment on this?


Just means they got financing for their buyout and to expand, so indirectly it means they may be buying additional easements.


An article about the big change to using Permian based sand. Is saving operators a lot of money.



New PB Oil & Gas Magazine has articles on: 1) Permian will provide 54% of all production growth in US in January; 2) Rig counts for 2018 were up 17% in Texas and 41% N.M. parts of Permian; 3) Permian holds 46% of 8723 DUC wells nationwide. That is a lot of wells, and shows how quickly production can increase in a good price environment. Unfortunately some have leases which don’t require a well be completed to count as a drilled well under the drilling obligations.



Big news in the Data field. DrillingInfo is acquiring MineralSoft, one of the most sophisticated of the mineral management software platforms. DrillingInfo building up quite a monopoly in the data field.