Permian Basin stacked layers prices paid are super up

According to the Wall Street Journal, Oct. 31 2016, companies are paying $40,000 and upwards per acre for drilling leases in the Permian Basin in west Texas and SE New Mexico. Perhaps this is what packages of leases are going for. Don't know what is being paid for drilling leases in the STACK in Kingfisher county, but leases to mineral rights owners are probably worth more. Any news?

The very hot portions of Blaine and Kingfisher are getting good lease rates for OK, but not as high as the Permian.

Any news about what is a good lease rate in the STACK in Kingfisher?

Need S-T-R. Vary widely due to geology of the area.

Gastar pooled in section 28-18N-8W near you in August 2016 for $1500 3/16 and $0 1/5th. They pooled 30-18N-8W for $1500 3/16 and $500 1/5, so that is the ballpark for the area.

Payrock pooled 13-18N-9W just next to you on the west for $1400 3/16 and $1200 1/5 in July.

Make sure you get a good lease with no post production costs.


Thanks so much for that information.

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I was wondering if any one could post a link to this article or the one like it published in the journal record this week. THANKS mike stinson

An Oil Bubble Emerges in West Texas - PressReader
An Oil Bubble Emerges in West Texas. Despite energy slump, prices for drillable land in the ... The Wall Street Journal Europe - 2016-10-31 - BUSINESS & FINANCE - BY RUSSELL GOLD. ODESSA, Texas—Wall Street investors have fallen in ...

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