Permian basin ranch

Anyone know what is a fair price for an NMA would be in Terry and Lynn County? I own acreage in a 7400 +/- acre property. Have an offer coming and want to make sure I am treated fair. Tks, RoyMac

where in terry county and what company ?

If you have that much acreage, suggest you get a good oil and gas attorney to help you. Most offers tend to be lowball in hopes that someone will bite. Find out if you have pending drilling as that will be extremely important in calculating the value.

M_Barnes thanks. We do already have 2 wells producing. When I can get an idea of what the price should be and find someone interested then I will get professional assistance. Probably “The Mineral Advocates”.

ray_davia thanks for responding. most of the acreage is on the east side of Terry and some on Lynn side. It is one piece of property.

I own 461 undivided NMA of the 7400 acre property

What prompts you to have trust in “Mineral Advocates”?

I liked what I heard for them and about them. Can you help me out on additional information.?