Permanent Flaring

My question concerns the "permanent flaring" of gas at the horizontal well in our lease. The operator is Forge Energy. Phillips 66 is buying the oil. It is located in section 10, block A-33, Public School Land Survey, Andrews Co.

Production reports from December 2013 thru March 2014 stated that the gas was being flared (code 04) "until gas gathering infrastructure". However, the April 2014 production report stated "Gas 04 Flare permit 14900". Followed by the May 2014 production report, which read "Gas 04 Permanent flare".

All the info that I have found on the RRC site, seems to indicate that "permanent" flaring is not permitted.

Are there exceptions where "permanent flaring" is allowed? I read somewhere that 180 days was the longest period of time that an exception was permitted.

Any assistance is much appreciated. Thanks for your time and consideration.