Percentage on division order

Could someone tell me what the percentage for 1/80 interest, would be in percentage? I know what 1/32 and 1/64 are. Would 1/128 be .007814? If so, what is 1/80? These are some really old leases. Thank you for any help.

According to my calculator, 1 divided by 80 is .0125 or 1.25%

Carol, to figure this out you need to provide more information. How big is the unit that the DO covers and at what royalty rate are you being paid. If you had a 1/80 interest in an 80 acre unit you would own one acre or as Steve said it would be .0125. If you owned one acre in a 640 acre unit it would be .0015625. Whatever the percentage it still has to be multiplied by the royalty interest (1/8, 3/16, 1/4etc) to get the net royalty interest on the division order.

Thanks for the reply. Grandfather had 1/80 in S/2 of NE/4 of SW/4. He also had 1/80 in SE/4 of SW/4. Am I correct that means 60 acres? He had two children, both deceased, and two grandchildren. If I am correct, each grandchild would have half. The DO does not have royalty interest, but list the township, range, section and I guess all of the Qtr/Qtr: SW/4. That means the decimal interest is very small. Does that give you enough information to figure what the interest would be?

I need to act on this DO. Does anyone know what the royalty interest should be?