Penny's from heaven

I have oil rights on section 4 Township 19 North Range Five West Kingfisher County Oklahoma also South have two of the northwest corner for of Section 8 Township 19 North range 5 I have no idea what I have could anyone Feel Me In on what I might have coming to me I have started receiving checks from Alta Mesa on the 4 19 5 .thanks for any help received

For section 4, you are probably getting paid on the Skippy 1905 #5-4MH which is a horizontal well in the Mississippian age formation.

For Section 8, you have several wells pending or about to be in pay status. Crooked Creek Cleveland Unit 1-5H, 2-5H, Raisin Cane 1-8MH.

You should have gotten quite a bit of paperwork from the Oklahoma Corporation Commission on each of the wells. If not, come back here, and we can direct you how to get copies of it and make sure they have your address.

It is very important that you get your records into good shape so that you can keep track of everything for both taxes and your heirs. Lots of materials are available online for free.

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Where do I get all the materials to update all my records for free? Thanks!

If you post your section, township and range, folks can direct you to a start on your journey. “Free” may not be your answer for everything…but some data is available online.

Thank you. I will post all sections tomorrow