Penny Well, Ellis County, OK

Anyone know why I am getting checks for the Penny Well in Ellis County, OK, that are for…well, pennies, literally. The one this week was for 62 cents. I don’t know why the company would bother and not just hold the funds until they were for more…I am supposing the well is not operating.

Do you have a section, township and range? There are quite a few Penny wells in OK. Would it be the Penny 18-1H surface location in 7-19N-22W? Presidio is the operator. The well was completed in 2013. Pretty low volume well. API No.: 35045233320000. It did okay until April 2020 when it was shut in for over a year. New production in Jan 2021 at very low volumes. They are supposed to pay you at least every year or when the production adds up to a certain amount. They might be trying to hold the lease. Their contact information is on the check run statement. Contact their division order department and ask what is going on.

SECTION: 18 TOWNSHIP: 019-N RANGE: 022-W PENNY 1H-18 OK ELLIS That’s on the check information at Energy Link… Thank you. Energy Link does indicate non operating revenue.

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