Pennant Oil&Gas S2 T5N R5E N2 and S35 T6N R5E S2

I am looking for information on this company. They sent me a notice of drilling/spacing and another of pooling in 2012. On these, my siblings and I are listed as "Strangers to title", but we believe we are fractional mineral rights owners on 120 acres of the 640 acres.

I am not able to find current information on this company.

Does anyone have any information?

I googled them and Pennant has a website.

Call the Corporation Commission. Be prepared with the legal description. Ask for any information on the description. Was the forced pooling ordered? Were you listed on the forced pooling order? Was a well completed? Was there a dry hole? What is Pennant Oil company's address/phone number.

A lawyer listed on the bottom of the document represented Pennant. Call or write them.

Check the Oklahoma Treasurer website for lost money for yourself. Perhaps, you were forced pooled and the money ended up in the state treasury.

Thanks Judy! I've been unable to contact this company (note, there is another with a similar name, Pennant Energy, which is a different organization). I did call the attorney who rep'd them, and their office provided the same phone number for contact which does not ever answer.

I will continue my investigation and thank you for the advice to call the corporation commission directly!

Sorry, I assumed Pennant Energy was the company you were looking for.

It is interesting they have a working number. Try going to and enter the phone number in the "reverse phone" to see if you get a physical address. If you do, write them a certified inquiry.

Also, call the Oklahoma secretary of state to inquire if Pennant is registered in Oklahoma. If they are, there will be a contact person who probably has the same phone number you have.

But first I would try the Corporation Commission that is so very helpful. Good luck.