Pengo Petroleum shares


Hello, I have been receiving mail in regard to mineral rights my deceased father had for Section 16 and 21 McClain Township 9N Range 4W. I receive mail from EOG plus lots of random offers. Where did they get my father’s name? How do I find what he owned? He had been in O&G exploration in the late 1960’s for Pengo Petroleum and received these rights as “commission”. So, I suspect they are small holdings.Thank you.


Reasonable lease offers in McClain County

Your father’s name is probably shown on a document listed in the Tract Indices of the McClain County Clerk for Section 16 or 21, T9N R4W. These are public records which you can examine if you go to the office.

Most of the time there are independent landmen working in the office (doing the same thing for their clients) that will give you a short guide on what to do–just don’t expect then to do all of the work for you.