Pecos County Current Oil Lease Rates?

Its been 3 years since my mom leased her mineral rights at 64 4 H&GN RR CO. 6903 902 268 REEVES TEXAS. The lease was with BHP bought by Silverback and we just learned today that Silverback was purchased by Centinnial Resource Development ( have been in contact with these folks today to confirm all this). I have been out of the loop doing life during the 3 year lease i.e. another grand child, mom falling breaking her hip, and latest surviving the historic wildfire (CAMP fire) in North CA Paradise that burned to our city limits and most folks evacuated to our town Chico that we have been busy help). So…I would so appreciate hearing from you all the latest on what current lease rates are? How is dealing with centennial? I did a quick review of lease and just saw that folks were encouraging to use a lawyer to negotiate so it must be getting more complicated to deal with leasing appropriately. I know that we receive 2-3 inquires every month about someone wanting to purchase. I have had no indications that there was a permit created related to our lease. I recall the last conversation I had with a landman that our rights were in an area that was considered “marginal” for development. This has been our second lease, that first was in 2011 for 5 yrs with Petrohawk who did do a permit but nothing happened.I always found this site to be most helpful and look forward to reconnecting. Thank you. Marian

ok Suprised to not have heard from someone as I figure out how this updated site works. Maybe I need to do it this way. Our minerals rights are This section, H&GN Section 4, Block 64, is 7.4 miles northwest of Pecos. A 1390. My request again is our lease is up we think with Centinnial in August and need to have an idea of going lease rates in that area and any thoughts on Centinnial? Thanks again as I get back up to speed. As far as we know there has been no permit.

ok just getting re-acquainted with RRC gis viewer. our mineral rights are 33 acres within Section 4 Block 64. Not exactly sure where within the section. I see there are 2 permits looks like Huston? 3399 and 33400 that look similar to when we first leased to Petrohawk that let the permits lapsed. Looks like they have not drilled. I see another 37489 permit in the section at the bottom also looks like hasn’t been drilled. I see Centennial who we think our current lease was sold too has an active permit at 36399. So not sure where else to until we hear from Centennial if they in fact have our lease.Thanks James for the input.

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Marian, go back and check your legal description of your minerals. I find no Block 64 or Abstract 1390 for Pecos County…need the complete legal description…


Clint Liles

Thank you for the help

Sorry Clint if I made it sound like Pecos. Land is close to Pecos but yes in Reeves County. This is what I have that showed that my mom’s lease was sold to Silverback. I don’t have anything like this regarding Centennial : BHP sell to Silverback 7/2015 1044235/014 OGL BEVERLY J. BRAMBLE PETROHAWK PROPERTIES, LP 8/31/2011 64 4 H&GN RR CO. 6903 902 268 REEVES TEXAS

Ok this is getting interesting, crazy, frustrating. Our lease seems to be in a “void” at the moment as Silverback is saying they sold the lease to Centennial and Centennial is saying they have no record. I was able to get a recorded document info from Silverback of a sell of leases to Centennial in Dec 2016 but unfortunately Sliverback did not have the attachment that listed the leases included at the moment. I’m waiting to hear back from the two offices to see if they can find the document. Next step is the Reeves Co court house. So again reminded of all the time and energy it takes to be responsible with this family asset and admire all of you on this site who are, like me, trying to work it out on our own to figure out this maze of a business. Again so thankful for the help and support this site provides. Thank you!

Whew!! Persistence and time does pay off. Finally heard from Centennial who has confirmed they do have our lease, have assigned a land man to let us know what their intentions are for renewing or not! We could still use some guidance about what the avg is for lease per acre may be for mineral rights in the area of Reeves county block 4 Section 64…Wow just took a call from Centennial who says that 1/2 of our 33 acres are part of the Powder Keg A centennial well 38936399. We have received no division order or royalties??? Centennial is working on taking care of this. They did say that they we only interested in leasing 1/2 of the 33 acres so…I have not heard of this before and how to proceed in getting the other half of our acres leased. Just entered into a new “twilight zone” learning curve…help!

Marian, I think you are in the catbird seat. I have a copy of your lease and the pooling agreement. Centennial has been producing it for sometime know.

Thank you. Are you one of the mineral right owners involved? Just curious how you have access to our info? Would like to know how you accessed it.

You gave me your mothers name and I pulled it up on Texas File. com then ran the lease forward to centennial and found the pooling agreement. Its not really difficult if you know the steps.

Thank again so much for your help and how you did it!!

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Clint Liles

Thank you Clint, and thanks to all others who are helping and reaching out to me really appreciate. Attempting to do my homework to get up to speed. My question? is this common practice that a company can have an active well and not have informed all mineral rights owners involved? We have no communication at all.

I was asked by TennisDaze to post this info. I am currently on the RRC site checking what I can find info on in terms of production: Well name Powder Keg A Centennial Resource production 141077 Well # U05H Dist 8/49877 and I have this # 38936399. Thanks all.

I have just downloaded all the permit and production info I found on the RRC site.