Pearsall Shale Activity in North East Atascosa County

What is going on in the Pearsall currently in Atascosa County? Is anyone leasing?

Sanchez energy was leasing in north east Atascosa county. On 12/19/12 I was notified by our landman that they pull the plug on any new leases at this time.

Any wording on Sanchez leasing?

I have been in contact with my neigbors and all is quite at this time in north east Atascosa county. South of and along highway 97 Tallisman oil is leasing.

Eagle Ford has an article that says Sanchez oil will be going to the board in February with their 2013 capital budget.

Maybe lease negotiations will pick up shortly after that.

Any word on leasing?

parents leasing to eog and nothing going on between poth and dewees. burnett and marathon going strong all around but nothing else. 1 year left with eog then out this will be the third year and hopefully they will sign with marathon across the fence or burnett across the fence since eog is goofing around.

Anyone hearing of actively in not heat atascosa?

No word on any leasing. In due time they may show up. Word is Sanchez is intending to sale or have sold the leases they had acquired in your area back in November of last year.