Payne County....section 9-17N-4E

Does anyone know about this Section of land... 9-17N-4E.... and when it may start paying?

Well Name: ROBISON 4-1MH

Mississippian Horizontal

Purchaser/Measurer: DCP MIDSTREAM

First Sales Date: 10/03/2013 Depending on status you might be able to get 12% interest on royalty payments on production 6 months after date of first sale. You might want to call Calyx's Division Order Dept.

CALYX ENERGY LLC 22299 is operator


That Robison is actually producing in section 4 with a surface location in 9. It's been paying since March.

The Robison producing from 9 is API is 35-119-24110. First production date of Jan 26, so it should be paying any day now.


You are so right! Thanks for the correction. I've read way to many drilling reports today.

Have a happy 4th

Thanks…plus, I think this is in American Energy hands now. This is all new to me. Just found out they had been looking for my parents who owed the land. They are deceased and I didn’t know about this till now. Just thought someone might specifically know about this area.

Would anyone else know anything about this location? 9-17N-4E in Payne Coubty?