Payne County Lease Rates

Just checking if anyone has been offered leases in Payne county recently, I have received an offer for my late Mothers Minerals in Section 12.
What are going rates, have been offered $175.00 and 1/8th, or $125 and 3/16. Also is there active exploration and production there in Payne county?

Welcome back to the forum. Could you please give the complete section-township-range as there are many section 12’s. All leasing information would depend upon the correct location.

Section 12-18N-03E Payne County

Northshore Energy & Investments leased in section 12 from 2017-early 2019. As to prices, Hazlewood pooled in early 2019 in the SW4 NW4 for $200 1/8th, $175 @ 3/16ths $0 1/5th. That will give you a general idea. The McNeil 12-2 was drilled in that area in 2019.

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Thank You, I could not find any current suggestions on rates in that area.

This will help a lot, as I had no idea of going rates there.