Payne County Activity


I own interest in some minerals on 6-19N-2E and have been bombarded with the lease pooling, spacing and increased density from American Energy Woodford. I have searched the ooc records and haven't located any permits to drill... I understand the price of oil has dropped drastically but also know the rigs are busy in other places around the county. Can anyone direct me to an site that has active drilling rig locations? When I did a search on this section it came up with two wells. One PA and one other with the status of AC but showing the otc/occ as operators. Doesn't AC mean active? Then why would the otc/occ have it listed as the operator? Abandoned?

Try the Baker Hughes rig count map

There is also a free app for your smartphone.

AJ, thanks for the link. I believe it will be very useful.

You are welcome, Terry Swart. There is also,but I am not familiar with it and some of the data appears to be subject to fees.

Oh yea it will be handy. I will know when a rig moves in on the property. There are only two active rigs in Payne County now.