Payne County, 26-18N-1W -activity?

Anyone know whats going on in this section?

We've gotten several calls about leasing and would like to know about what dev is going on in the area.

We live in PA and have no contacts in the area to see.

We would like to make an informed decision before we lease.

Thanks for any help.

ElissaBeth, Devon is a well established oil and gas company that is actively developing a very large oil and gas play in Payne and surrounding counties. This is a multi stacked play including the Mississippian Lime, Woodford Shale, Meisner/Hunton, Meramec, Viola, Sylvan with other older exploration formations. Lease negotiation is a must and so is the understanding of your lease agreement. Look at the mineral help, blogs, chats etc on this forum as well as NARO Oklahoma and the Oklahoma Corporation Commission Here's a university study that is detailed but will help you.