Payne County 0klahoma

Is there any drilling going on in Payne County at this time?

Yes there is. If you can give me a location I can look it up for you. Need section, township and range. Example: sec.24-10N/12W

S28 19N R4E S2SW that tells it all, Calyx Energy has the lease hopefully they start drilling.

Ralph Jerome said:

S28 19N R4E S2SW that tells it all, Calyx Energy has the lease hopefully they start drilling.

Ralph, Nothing much going on in that section right now. There are a lot of old wells scattered thru that township but nothing too great. Calyx doesn’t have anything in case processing for that section, no applications or orders etc. that would indicate they are thinking about drilling.

I would also like to know about drilling activity. My small lease is in sect 24-8n-3e. I know that Calyx Energy, who holds the lease, has done horizontal drilling with some success in the section north of this and in the section south of this. I have had 4 offers to buy the lease recently. Recently I received a copy of a request filed with the courts by Calyx to allow them to drill one well per 640 acres, instead of the previously allowed 40 acres. Does this mean they are close to drilling on my section?

Katherine, I didn't find any applications posted on the OCC website for that section. Was the document you received an application for spacing and was it for your section? That is usually the first step in the permitting process. A 640 acre unit is pretty common for horizonal drilling, whereas 40 acres would indicate a verticle well. The offers you have received could just be speculation that activity is picking up in the area and they want a piece of the action before prices go up. Until there is some hard evidence in the form of orders issued by the OCC I wouldn't expect drilling to start anytime soon. Once that happens I would expect the offers to go higher. Drilling is almost complete on my section in Stephens County, the application process started in December 2010. Here is a link to the OCC website where you can learn a lot if you don't mind spending a few hours on your computer.

Thanks, I'll do that. Yes, the application was for spacing for my section, so that is hopefull.