Payne Co Permits & Completion reports

White Star Petroleum Llc
Mississippian(4891): Oil 25 Gas 21 Water 728 Pump
31 18N 1E Hillenburg 30-18n-1e 2mh, March 18, 2016
HH, OIL, TD: 9872 ft
Lat: 35.99934, Long: -97.23371 API: 35119243880000

Brittany Energy Llc
11 17N 1E Minnich 7, December 04, 2015
null, DISP, TD: 4973 ft
Lat: 35.96618, Long: -97.16354 API: 35119236340002

Jay does null,DISP mean this is a disposal well. I received a package from Brittany in 2013 seeking relief for drilling and spacing in this description N/2 NE/4 Section 11 and NW/4 NW/4 Section 12, 17N-1E, Payne Co. That was the last I heard from them. Is that well on this property and what does it mean if you don"t mind

It is classified as a Service well on the completion report.

It also references a UIC Case #1602160013 which I am unable to find any info on so I do not know what they will be injecting, producing or monitoring in this service well.

Thank You