Payment of Oil Royalties in ND

The oil from our wells was being purchased by Plains Marketing in Houston through the month of May. Our checks were always mailed out on the 20th of the month following production. For example May's production was paid on June 20. In June the operator changed to Shell Trading in Houston who sends a check to the operator on the 19th of the month following production. However we are not paid until the 15th of the following month. Bottom line, the operator will not be sending out Junes royalty check to the royaltyl owners until August 15.

I feel the operator is holding our money longer than necessary, however I wanted to post this to see if other royalty owners are waiting as long for their checks?



Our well started to produce 2/28/11. I have not recieved a check yet. my brother just recieved his. I was told that my check and division orders were sent to my old address, which is 12 yrs. old. They did hold back 2 months on my brother’s check. So when I will recieve my papers and check is anyone’s guess. Hope this helps some-what Ardis

We receive production checks from Zavanna and Brigham and they are always two months out. Like the one we get in August will be for June’s producion. Guess there is probably a reason.


Can anyone tell me what the letter P stands for on the paper sent along with a check? I do understand what O and G is for, but am curious what P stands for. I see a dollar amount was added for whatever it is and then minused off--anyone?