Pavlicek Unit work over rig

I was driving close to the Pavlicek unit and from the road it looked like there was a work over rig on it already. Does anyone know what is going on or if i was seeing the wrong unit area. thanks

Which operator has that lease?

Penn Virginia

No problems from what we understand. Just doing somthing to stimulate production. First 20 days results came in great. Jan 11th -31 over 33,000 barrels of oil produced and 50,000 MCF of gas. Very good results. Same stimulation process is done to other Penn Va wells in the area is my understanding.

Wow never heard of that process keep me updated, i thought a workover rig, usually meant operational problems

I wish you the best Thanks

Not nessacarily. I believe Rockman said it the best. From my limited understanding they were putting in some piping system to keep gas pressure up in the well to increase oil flow. They were there all of 1.5 days I beleive. Did the job in and out.

That makes sense, if the rig was there only a day / half

Thanks for the update, i am still learning

HEard Sanchez is drilling you guys out soon good luck.

I wish but we are not leased with Sanchez

Thought you were part of the pad they are putting back there.