Patricia Jackson

Are there any activity in Section 32 Township17 North Range 12 West. We have an offer of 10,500.00.

There's a good well (Madeline in 9-16-12) that I heard they were going to put multiple units on it. That is only a couple of miles from you. They are getting a site ready to drill in 19-16-12. I would hold on to minerals yet till they do a little more drilling in the area. The minerals might be worth holding onto after they do a little more exploring in this area. I have mineral in 26, 27 & 35 of 17-12 and I'm just waiting to see the results of more drilling in the area. My best offer has been $6500.

There was a good bit of leasing in 2015 in 32. Continental has pending spacing and pooling orders pending all around you. So I would not sell right now. The potential for future drilling and production is worth more than $10,500 in my opinion. You have horizontal wells in 31 and 33 on either side of you and wells in 5 & 4 just to the south of you.

Read the most recent Continental Resources Q2 August presentation in the Investor Relations part of their website. That will give you a good feel for the area.

Thank you M Barnes, Patricia Jackson

Thank you Paul Edsall, Patricia Jackson

Drove around a bit and they were putting a rig up in 4 17 12 which is about 5 miles north of you. It unreal their success now days. They have a high completion rate compared to even 15-20 years ago.