Past rights and royalties

In researching county deeds to see what rights I may have or not have, it appears there is a long history of prior owners going back to the early 1900’s where grantors were reserving 1/6, 1/3, 1/4 rights when property transferred. Those owners have likely long passed away, with whatever rights they still had being passed on to inheritances who likely don’t know or care that they may have these rights. My deed history going back through three transfers all stated Grantors were not holding any rights, but generally referred to any previous rights that may be recorded.

In thinking about selling this property, what do I say to potential buyers inquiring what rights they will receive? Tell them I’m not reserving any but do your own research?

Unless trained, do not do your own mineral title research. In my neck of the woods a deed may state that it reserves the minerals or that it conveys everything subject to conveyances, leases etc of record.