Passing of mineral rights

Good morning all. First time here. Does anyone have any idea how to actually contact Gulfport Midcon LLC. My father has passed leaving the rights to my sister and I and I have tried every means possible to contact to move forward with the transfer of ownership including a certified mail with all info necessary. The mail was received but I have yet to have contact with them. I leave messages all the time and have even tried contacting the bank that issues checks and get the same thing. Voicemail-Voicemail-Voicemail. They continue to send checks to my Father even months after his passing. Not real large ones but none the less, monies that can not be processed properly. Please help if you can, Regards, Chris C

Try emailing

Request them to change ownership and/or requests log in. Usually oil companies can do transfers via their website. You give them all required info and scanned copies and usually takes a little time but they will get it fixed.

Cole, thank you so much. I have made contact and I believe the ball is rolling on the transfer.

Wooo! Glad you finally made contact and can get this all sorted out! Let me know if you need help with anything else down the road.