Part interest in a piece of land, Wirt county


My mother’s will indicated “I have part-interest in a piece of land in Wirt County, WV (there are 9 heirs including myself)”. We have undivided interest in tracts/run? with leases in Tyler county. Read that there was no mineral activity in Wirt county other than a pipe going thru? Do I look thru the county records and for what: a deed, a interest in? Totally Greek to me! Any suggestions…


Here is a link to the Wirt county documents. It is probably not complete. If you have access to Internet Explorer, you can use that to install the software for the older records (probably). I have done this in the past for another county. Once you open that link (below) on Internet Explorer, after a short time you will see, at the top of the screen on the right, a button for Book-Page. If you right click on it you will see a prompt to “Install WEB Book and Page Application on this computer”. It should download the link to the old records. If you get that far and want some help, let me know. As I said, I have not done this for Wirt, and it has been a few years since I did it for another county. Someone had written detailed instructions on the procedure. [the link at left to Wirt county in case the hyperlink does not work] If you go to this link WV Office of Oil and Gas permit search and select Wirt for the county and 1/1/2013 to today for the dates you will see there are a few things permitted including some horizontal I think the first WV well was in Wirt county, Burning Springs area.