Parsley Energy and the Permian Basin

Thanks for posting this article about Parsley Energy. I don’t hear much about them since they are a small company.

Parsley Energy drilled 2 wells on my property two years ago.

The article suggests the company is doing really well.

I’m crossing my fingers in hopes they will drill another well on my property.

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Susan…as I understand it Parsley has purchased Jagged Peak. We have 3 wells on property in Ward County near the Pecos River. These were drilled/completed and are managed by Jagged Peak. There are other permitted areas to be drilled and like you we are hopeful Parsley will drill on these locations. How have you found it working with Parsley?

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No problem at all. Iam a new land owner in BLK 45 Sect 37 in Reeves County and Iam always reading looking for updates in my area and surrounding areas. Thats what I love about this forum and any info I run across I will post.


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Theyre a small company with deep pockets! But that type of investment isnt made unless theyre sure there are some serious gains! Best of luck! Hope some of that can rub off on me too!

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Good luck to you, too.

My mothly royalty check helps supplement my social security and small pension check. I retired last summer so it’s been a blessing.

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Thats a great deal! Continued blessings!

Hi Randy,

My royalry checks come every month on time so I would say my dealings with Parsley are real good.

My property in in Reeves County in the northeast section. 19, block 7. A-39. It’s fairly close to the Pecos River I believe.

I think it’'s close to Ward County so we may be close to each other.

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Hi Susan, I am in the north east corner of Section 14 block 7. How close would you be… I have absolutely no action on my 20 acres. I only own the surface rights, but haven’t heard from who ever owns the mineral rights…thank you Billy Sweeney

Hi Randy, We have a property on the River splitting Reeves and Ward County. That was drilled by Jagged Peak, and they have paid like clock work ever since they drilled in 2017 right on time at the end of the 3 year lease. It’s just a few sections to the East of yours. Pray for Continued Success for Parsley, If you look up your property on the GIS. Viewer, you would see the March of Horizontal Drilling Permits with placements on the map. Chris Wilson

Hi Bill Sweeny,

I tried to answer your question about how close our properties are a few days ago but I dont think it went through.

I looked up your property on the GIS map and my property is to the west of yours.

I don’t know how far it calculates in miles but since we are both in block 7 I would guess it’s fairly close.

I own part of Sec 18, Blk 33 ~ Ward County next to the Pecos River. Jagged Peak drilled a well for us and paid us every month, once production began and they started selling some product, We just received our first check from Parsley Energy as of Mar 31. So far, we are very happy with them!