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Just got an offer for $250 per acre on 1.5 net acres with a 3/16 royalty. Wanted know if that was reasonable for William Taylor Survey, A-667.

Any Panola County owners having trouble with Devon’s gross errors on 2012 IRS 1099? And multiple errors with the AWFUL new accounting system?

Received corrected 1099 from Devon today

Does anyone have any information on a well/lease from the Lindsey Survey with a well drilled ~1969 called S.A. Ellis #1 by Comstock Resources? We are trying to clear up some old lease information in our father's estate. Thanks

I have interest in three gas (used to produce oil also) wells in Panola County. One has apparently been capped but the other two are active. I still receive royalty checks on the two but they have decreased over the years. I get offers to sell all the time but I'm not sure that would be a good idea. Any info from other owners would be helpful.

I also have fractional mineral rights on a little over 400 acres scattered around E. Texas. I'll probably keep these just in case.

I have interest in three gas wells in Panola County, also. The royalties were VERY minimal until recently and it has gotten a lot better. I definitely wouldn't sell my minerals in east Texas right now! Mine are located around A-597

Linton; My checks from Sabine O. & G. Inc. have been very low the last five or six months. One of my wells (Williams #2) quit producing at all about six months, or so, ago. William #1 & # 3 have been producing until last month. I haven't received a royalty check for last month yet. I usually get them by the 1st of every month. I'll be calling them today.

Wow, J.M., that is depressing. Maybe they are reworking the well or something, trying to think positively here! Do you know what abstract number they are in? Have you been on the RRC map to look at the area and see if there's anything going on. I'm sorry that's happening to you. Let me know what you find out. I have small interest in an old well in Rusk County, working interest. The expenses cost more than I get in production! Grrrrrr........ Hope things get better for you. Linton

Hey J.M., just thought I’d check with you and see if things got any better for you. Sure hope so. Linton

Hi Linton:

Still getting checks but they are much smaller than they used to be. Sometimes Sabine just sends a check every other month for the two month period.

I have nearly 500 acres of fractional mineral rights spread around east Texas. No drilling on the acreage other than Panola County yet. I guess I'll keep my day job for now!

I seem to be going all over the place trying to find out what is happening with these mineral rights.

Apparently the lease was transferred from NANCE to Samson Lone Star in 2013.

I talked to a lawyer in Panola County who said I should either one of these people and talk to a "landman" who might be able to tell if the interest is indeed in my name.

Any suggestions on what to ask for or say?

Does anyone have the name of a good landman who can look into some mineral rights in Panola County??

Could someone explain to me what "Surface Commingle" means? I just got a request from the Resource Company managing my family's mineral interests in Panola County that they want to: Request to Surface Commingle; Carthage, SE (Cotton Valley); Panola County, Texas.

Dear Mr. Parker,

Surface commingling (as opposed to wellbore commingling) is when oil and gas operators want to “mix” or commingle the production from more than one lease into the same tank or holding facility.

The operator will receive a commingle permit number that is used to report each month on the Form PR the amount of production from all of the leases that went into the tank or holding facility.

The form P-17 is filed as an exception to Statewide Rule 26 and/or 27 for the following reasons:

  • Commingling of oil, condensate or a combination of oil and condensate. This is the only exception in which a commingle permit number will be assigned.
  • Production of gas wells full well stream to central facilities with condensate reported on the Form R-3.
  • Gas metering exceptions.

The form P-17 and location plat is filed as an exception to Statewide Rule 26 and/or 27 for the following reasons:

  • Off lease storage of oil or condensate.
  • Off lease metering of gas or liquids.

You say that there is a Resource Company managing your family's mineral interests. If they are managing your interests, then they would not make a request without explaining themselves, unless you do not have anybody managing your interests and you are simply referring to the Operator of the field.


Buddy Cotten

What are you being offered for water that will they are using for fracking.

I have been told several different prices and that the oil companies are allowed to get water from the Sabine River via the State of Texas which is why they are offering me so little per barrel.

Thanks in advance for your help.

I have an ORI in a tract in Panola county and am being asked to sign a "Production Sharing Agreement" that reads to me as if the sharing is by linear feet in the section I am in to the total linear feet. Seems reasonable to me but there in is my concern.

My question is "What would you be concerned about and what realistic options might I have?"

I just joined, and am seeking info on leasing some mineral rights that my sister and I inherited some years ago. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

My family has had mineral interests in Panola County since the early 1940's. And over the course of that time have received unsolicited offers to purchase their interests which were ignored. Recently the offers have been increasing in both frequency and dollar amount. With tax appraisal valuations at the lowest I have ever seen, what is the draw to purchase the properties at the highest offers?

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