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Where is the WTI is going from here? What is the future of “Fracking” in the Texas Oil industry? Many small companies are parking their bags and leave town, what should the mineral owners do? Is there any prospect for the WTI industry to survive in the new normal?

Take a deep breath. We have seen cycles before. They usually drop like a rock and then take several years to rebound. Some rebounds are high, some not so much. There are many opinions on what will happen from here. The best thing to do is read a variety of professional papers on the predictions for the next few years. Some will be right. Some will be wrong. Time will tell. The situation is complicated by the Saudi-Russia power play resulting in oversupply of crude, the Covid-19 lockdowns which decreased demand worldwide and storage capacity in some parts of the US during April. All of these are part of the cycle and will work themselves out in due time. Hydraulic fracturing will continue in areas where it is useful and economic to use it. Most horizontal shale wells require it for production. Most vertical wells also use it in a slightly different way, so it will be around for a long while. Yes, the WTI industry will survive, but it will look slightly different. The strong companies will survive and the weak ones will not. Mineral owners need to stay informed, but they cannot do much about the situation at the moment. Not a time to panic. If your reservoirs are important, then they may be drilled when it is economic to do so.

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You’ll feel better if you view the WTI price chart since WW2, this is just another of many price cycles. The world will need oil for decades, even Californians.

Do pay attention to any bankruptcy papers that you receive. Some states have royalty owners as a preferred category and will pay them automatically, other states you have to claim your royalties. Read the paperwork!

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I agree. I spent 30 years in the industry. The joke was always chicken or feathers. Several cycles in the years I was there. Admittedly the one in 1986 and this one are pretty bad but–.

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