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My mom died in September 2012. She had mineral rights inherited from my dad. She signed a 2 year lease in Palo Pinto County dated 12 Jan. 2000, for 320 acres out of the “M…Castleman Survey, Abstract No. 119”. She got $100 for signing back in 2000 and we have not heard a thing since then. I want to find out what, if anything, is going on currently with this property but not sure how to do that.

Contact the Palo Pinto county clerks office and get a copy of the lease. If you are not getting a royalty check then the lease has terminated. There is quite a bit of drilling in the area, so you might want to contact some oil companies to get a new lease if you want to drill

Thanks. I have the lease from Jan. 2000. Are you referring to an earlier lease that might exist?

Any chatter out there about "Marble Falls" play?

Or YOW wells?


A lot of the approved permits that I post for Palo Pinto County are targeting the Burns-Dalton(Marble Falls)Formation. This is a link to Palo Pinto County Oil and Gas Permits:

What is the YOW wells.?

Pat, Welcome to Mineral Rights Forum and to Palo Pinto County Group.

Clint Liles

My Newark E & P offer contains language that charges ME for treating, production, severance, and excise taxes, and cost of delivering, processing, compressing, or otherwise making such gas or other substances merchantable......

Can I expect to be relieved of these costs? I asked...and the wording still appears in the document. I'm inclined to strike-thru, initial it, and send it back for approval. Any opinions would be appreciated!


Don't you dare approve of the treating, processing and all those other charges. You will wind up with chicken feed and Newark will be laughing all the way to the bank.

Clint Liles

Well, Clint.....I LIKE the way you talk!

I have only 2 acres. Newark threatens to go-around me.

May I be so bold as to strike through the WHOLE PARAGRAPH?

Or just the part that makes me so angry?


Having only 2 acres changes the picture. The thought of you having to pay the costs would anger me also. I would still have to strike the whole paragraph. Good luck on your lease.

Clint Liles

Long time since our last chat! So, when I leased my 2 acres, it triggered new found NPRI for me and 4 cousins....YIPEE!!! Now I have minerals for the 2 acres and NPRI in 152.6 more acres. So let me get to my question. The well is dug and producing; got my first check in June. It was for 80 acres only. I understand the folks with the Lease did not require payment for ALL the leased land. My research taught me to add a Pugh Clause if I have the opportunity. Looking at the site map for the surface location of the well, it appears to be on my 2 acres ----and the itemization that comes with the check shows payment on royalties only. If I am correct, that the well is on my 2 acres, how could Newark avoid mineral payment to me? How could I determine if the well is on my Leased land? The well in question is YOW#A1. Your response is really appreciated.

I am interested in this discussion. I have mineral interests in Palo Pinto County but I just signed a lease for interests in Haskell County, OK which had EXACTLY the same language regarding treating, production, severance...I unfortunately did not strike this language out of my contract. But if I had, I wonder if they would have thrown me into the group of owners being force pooled. Isn't that a risk you run?

Hello, Can anyone give me the name of a reliable person to do land research in Palo Pinto? I know Joyce Lambert of Graford was good, but I don't think she's doing that right now. I just need a copy of my deed/s and any other paperwork pertinent to my land.
(Hi, Clint! Sorry I've been so absent, but it's taken me two years to drill a water well!!!! Maybe I can move along to other things now.) Thanks in advance.

Does anyone know what current bonus rates are in Palo Pinto? My minerals are in A1614 and I have a flurry of middle aged EOG horizontals with a few new permits just to my west. Landman started at $200, which sounds too cheap for me. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Does anyone know of a good person to research mineral rights in this county?