Palmer well(s) in SW/4 Sec 14-13N-7W

I used to receive a pretty decent royalty check monthly from gas production from wells Palmer #1 and Palmer #2 in SW/4 Sec 14-13N-7W in Canadian County, but I haven't received anything from them in several years. I currently have an offer in hand to buy my interest in SW/4 Sec 14-13N-7W, and would like to know if the Palmer wells are still producing and, if so, who I may contact to find out if I'm owed any back royalties. Thanks in advance for any help! I live in California and have no way to research a question like this myself. -Scott Shannon

Looks like they were plugged in the late 1990s. There is about to be a new well drilled in there though. If you want more info friend me and i will get info to you

That makes sense. I kind of suspected the wells had been plugged. The last checks I got were in early 2000.

I'm aware of the new drilling project. Got a nice lease bonus last year. However, I am in need of cash at the moment and selling my interest now makes better sense to me than waiting who-knows-how-long for the new well to start producing.

Thanks for your help! I've been wondering about this for years. Good to know that if I sell my interest I won't be losing future income from existing wells.

Thanks again!


Your welcome. If you decide to sell i can get a high amount for your interest if you need any help.

Actually, I may need some help. I've accepted an offer, but it's been a month since they said they were going to send me the paperwork, and I'm losing faith now. I'll friend you so we can talk more in private.

Scott: See post by Tim west below. You can pick up a lot of information from the sources he has listed. Jack

Bart: How many mineral acres do you have? I have some in Canadian County also. I could also be interested in buying. What is the offer you have accepted? Email me at for confidentiality. Jack

Bart: I have some mineral rights in Canadian County. How many do you have? How much is the offer you have so far? Email or befriend me for confidentiality. John Larkin